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Career Center Body technician
Job description and duties Reports to: General Manager Days: Monday through Friday with Saturday rotations or as directed Hours: 8am-5pm or as directed Primary responsibilities: • Promptly perform activity as directed by the Production Manager and or the Shop Foreman. • Assist teardown technician when needed. • Together with the Shop Foreman and CSM, develop and sign off on an agreed repair scope on each vehicle. • Provide the Production Manager with accurate actual repair time estimates for use in production scheduling. • Verify the accuracy and condition of the parts when received and sign off on the order.• High quality work is expected. • Accurately document time spent working on each RO and maintain proper time card proceedures. • Prompt notification is to be given to the Production Manager should any problems, assembly damage, supplements or delays be encountered. • Properly label and store all parts and fasteners in a manor to protect the parts and vehicle from sustaining damage or loss. • Maintain a safe, clean and organized work area. • Assist other technicians as needed. • Maintain good working relationships with other employees, customers and vendors. • Maintain standards as presented in the ICC Employee Handbook Overview: Expertise and a high level of craftsmanship in every repair are expected. Along with the Shop Foreman and CSM, the body technician is directly responsible for an accurate repair scope. Upon delivery from the parts department, the body technician is responsible for inspecting the parts for accuracy or damage and parts must be accepted by signature. To ensure clear communication, all problems that will affect the timelines of the repair must be reported directly to the Production Manager. This job description outlines specific duties that are expected for the position, however, it is not intended to cover every aspect of the position nor is it in any way to be interpreted or construed as a contract of career-center.