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Career Center Customer Service Manager
Job description and duties Reports to: Assistant General Manager Days: Monday through Friday with Saturday rotations or as directed Hours: 8am-5pm or as directed Primary responsibilities: • Immediately respond to customer phone calls and pages to the front • Provide a complete explanation of the repair process • Manage customer expectations throughout the process • Secure authorization and signatures on all required documents directly with customer or through Customer Service Assistant (CSA) • Verify the accuracy and completeness of all check in information in CCC Information Service (CCC1) • Prepare complete and agreed repair scope with technician, insurer and or customer • Promptly prepare complete and accurate preliminary and supplemental estimates • Promptly notify CSA when estimate is complete and authorized. • Promptly respond to customer, insurer or other employees inquiries • Maintain proper documentation in the RO File and in ICM• Balance the RO File daily to include credits and outstanding invoices • Personally QC the vehicle and place signature on QC sheet before delivery • Schedule and personally deliver the vehicle to customer and ask for future and referral business • Maintain production standards, A/R and financials as set forth by management • Maintain standards as presented in the ICC Employee Handbook Overview: The customer service manager (CSM) is the marketing, sales and technical liaison between the company, the customers and insurance companies. It is the CSM’s responsibility to work with the assigned repair and teardown technicians to reach a complete, accurate and agreed scope of repair. Complete means a correct estimate aimed at eliminating supplements without blanket or over-ordering. Educating, informing and managing customer expectations along with the necessary technical expertise to write and explain complete estimates are required skills. It is the CSM’s responsibility to get business assigned to the shop, to secure authorization and to push the job through the pre-production process. Through the Production Manager and ICM the CSM should monitor the repair through production maintaining clear communications with all parties involved. It is the CSM’s responsibility to maintain proper written, computerized and photographic documentation as required. This includes documentation of prior or unrelated damage. The CSM should use the time at payment and delivery to ensure customer satisfaction and to ask for future or referral business. This job description outlines specific duties that are expected for the position, however, it is not intended to cover every aspect of the position nor is it in any way to be interpreted or construed as a contract of career-center.